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Marilyn E.
12-28-2022 2:29:39 PM EST
I cannot say enough nice things about Cynthia. She is absolutely the nicest and sweetest teacher ever. She has a way of communicating with my son who is on the timid side, feel very comfortable. Smart, funny and professional! I have another son who I just enrolled to homeschool and look forward to continue working with Cynthia!

Tasha Williard
12-15-2020 3:51:41 PM EST
Cynthia is great my daughter was nervous about the evaluation ,but Cynthia made everything so easy and it was a pleasant experience.

Elizabeth Elmi
12-04-2020 4:03:18 PM EST

Ms. Perkins is an amazing teacher, very knowledgeable and kind. She made the evaluation process very smooth and stress-free. I will definitely recommend her. Elizabeth Elmi from Miami, Florida.

Elizabeth Elmi
12-04-2020 4:02:40 PM EST

Elizabeth Elmi
12-04-2020 4:02:36 PM EST

Cynthia Perkins
09-09-2017 11:19:37 AM CST
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